Record, Correct, Prevent, Analyse and Improve

When a problem arises, it is human nature to jump right in trying to find a solution. However, if you do not take into consideration what caused the problem in the first place and what the extent of the problem is, you might not fully address propper rectification and preventive measures. You may just be treating the symptoms.

To verify that your problem is solved and that optimum results were achieved after addressing the underlying issues, make sure you know what success looks like.

With a multitude of processes to apply and tasks to be performed throughout the organization, a central database would be required to keep track of issues that needs attention. Much benefit would be derived from a means to link these problems to known risks, processes, business areas and product types in order to analyse the data.

Data analysis, if done correctly, points us in the right direction to investigate the need for, and implement improvements.

The corrective action, prevention and improvement module of the AutoSHEQ software provides a complete solution to achieve this.

Corrective Action, Prevention & Improvement

  • Recording Requests for Action
    • Categorisation
    • Responsibility
    • Manage Due Dates
  • Action and Prevention
    • Taking action
    • Root cause
    • Prevention & Risk
    • Follow up
    • Sign-off
  • Analysis and improvement
    • Risk register
    • Data and Statistics
    • Manage risk
  • Admin options

AutoSHEQ reduces time and costs associated with:

  • Maintaining non-conformance and corrective action registers
  • Monitoring and tracking the status of pending actions
  • Extracting useable information to identify where improvement is required

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